Link 7 Aug Flipping for Flipboard: The brilliant iPad app that has changed the way I read the news.»

In the last few days, I’ve started using another iPad app that has changed how I consume the news. The program is calledFlipboard, and it turns the iPad into what I’ve been wishing it would becomeā€”a dynamic magazine that combines the diversity and real-time updates of the Web with the beauty of print. If Flipboard isn’t the future of magazines, it is at least a very good take on the future. It’s also my favorite new iPad pastime.

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Link 1 May Dark Knight sequel gets an official release date»
Photo 1 May This place is going to make a mint.

This place is going to make a mint.

Text 1 May ping!

true to form, I’m mucking about on the web instead of finishing a treatment. hehehe.

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